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Welcome to our Warwick, RI location!

Jump tickets can be purchased in store only - Please contact us at 401-828-5867





Jump Tickets

Please plan on arriving at least 20 minutes before your jump time to allow for waiver check in. Your jump time is NOT transferable and all sales are final within 48 hours of the jump time. No refunds or exchanges accepted.


Please note that all jumpers MUST wear Launch Grip socks only when Launching. Competitor socks will not be allowed. 



We are pleased to announce that you can now order your special Launch Grippy Socks online before you arrive to expedite your check in process!  Our special grippy socks come in a variety of sizes and are only $2.50 per pair or go PRO for just $5.00 per pair.  Pro socks go up higher up the leg for better staying power.

Click here to order your Launching Socks now!